Your special day can never be repeated, we ensure that everything goes right the first time. From choosing the right vendors to setting the tables we make your vision come to life. Ciel Bleu Event Design specializes in weddings up and down the Central Coast. For a custom proposal of services please Get in Touch with us to schedule a consultation.

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Gomes Photography.

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Gomes Photography.

Photo Courtesy of  Ken Kienow  Photography

Photo Courtesy of Ken Kienow Photography

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Patch Photography

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Patch Photography

Why Hire A Coordinator?

Picture're about to step out of the limousine and walk down the aisle, your heart is pounding in your chest, your Dad's got a lump in his throat, your big day is here and it's time to walk down that aisle, but wait! There's no music playing, the bridal party isn't standing in the correct spots, and the wind just blew your guest book table over! What do you do? 

(I bet you wish at this moment that you would have hired Ciel Bleu!) Your nerves are racing and you feel faint, this is not how you pictured things going. With Ciel Bleu at your side, this scenario would never happen...the music would have been cue'd, the bridal party would have rehearsed their entrance the day before and that table would have been anchored down on a windy day. A Ciel Bleu coordinator ensures that the unpredictable is predicted. 

Ciel Bleu allows you, your parents, your bridal party and anyone else close to the planning process some peace of mind. We take the stress out of the day so you can let go and celebrate.   

I Have A Limited Budget...

Our service packages cater to wedding budgets of all sizes. When utilized properly our services can earn you discounts with other local vendors and guide you through the planning process so that you make your dollar go as far as possible.

We offer budget management services to oversee your spending and make sure you're allocating the proper amount of money for each service retained.

No matter your budget amount, we encourage you to Get in Touch with us for a free consultation.